Webtorials / Delphi Consulting Services

Hosted and Cloud-Based VoIP and Unified Communications Services


Eliminate days of data-gathering and compilation by taking advantage of our research services.


Webtorials and Delphi have gathered extensive knowledge concerning the offerings of almost fifty companies that offer services for VoIP and Unified Communications.  A portion of this data formed the basis for the 2011 Sourcebook of Hosted and Cloud-Based VoIP and UC Services, which is offered on a complimentary basis.


We are now pleased to announce consulting services based on our entire database.  This could save you days of data collection and analysis by providing you with access to detailed information concerning these companies.  So when you are ready to evaluate a particular company's offerings, you have at your fingertips both expert advice and access to our database.


This is offered in two forms, depending on your needs:

Feature Basic Consulting Package
(Single User License)
Deluxe Consulting Package
(Multiple User Company-wide License)
Analyst time with Gary Audin Up to 1 hour in a minimum of 15 minute increments via telephone. Up to 3 hours in a minimum of 15 minute increments via telephone or collaborative meeting(s)
Data Copy One copy-protected copy for use by one individual for analysis and advice. Copy of the data that may be copied and distributed internally for use within a single company.
Ability to print copies for internal company use. (No external distribution is permitted.) No Yes
Data search capabilities Yes (via Adobe Acrobat) Yes (via Adobe Acrobat)
Build profiles of individual service providers and use within your company No Yes (via Adobe Acrobat)
Price after June 10, 2011 $2,000.00 (US) $7.500.00 (US)
Discounted price until June 10, 2011
(20% off)
$1,600.00 (US) $6,000.00 (US)


Not sure? Click here to download a redacted copy of the database service.


(Webtorials registration required for downloads. Click here if you forgot your username/password.)


Columns that are in the complimentary 2011 Sourcebook of Hosted and Cloud-Based VoIP and UC Services are filled in, and the additional information is left blank.


To order, simply choose the appropriate option below.  You access to the services will be prepared with approximately two business days.



Questions? Please contact "Patte Johnson" <patte@webtorials.com>.


Please note the following restrictions:

  1. Access to the detailed data is available only as a service.

  2. The data reflects non-proprietary data that was provided by the service provider to Webtorials and Delphi, so it remains with the service user to verify the accuracy of the data.  No liability is assumed and the ultimate decisions are up to the user of the service.

  3. Access to the data is licensed on a Basic Consulting Package (Single-User License) or Deluxe Consulting Package (Multi-user Company-wide License) basis and may not be shared with other entities.

  4. Consulting service hours must be used with six months of the time of purchase.

  5. Data in the report is for analysis purposes only and may not be republished or redistributed externally in any form.

  6. Webtorials and Delphi retain copyright and no copyright is transferred in any manner.

Completion and submission of this order indicates agreement with the program plans as outlined above.